Day 1- Africa 2019- East Africa

We’re getting ready to leave and the kids don’t seem too thrilled. We are just about off for the airport- and on to Africa! Sorry guys, maybe another time- our bags are full!

animals with bag


we look pretty tired after a red eye to jfk…this is the official day 1 of adventure africa 2019.

we are off to doha, qatar shortly. definitely not a place I envisioned ever going to- not somewhere I have even really thought of!?

day 1 2019

it is always a tiny unsettling thinking about flying through the middle east (we flew over Iran before), but it’s also interesting. being daylight, we may get to see something out the window…

we actually sit together on this flight although we are unsure if we will get a veg meal- they didnt seem to have our request logged…and despite the critical nature of it, neither of us thought to confirm a few days ago…

we bought some bagels and cream cheese and donuts at dunking, so hopefully we will be ok no matter 

good morning and we will be on day 2 by the time you hear from us again 

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