Seattle Guide: Veg & Vegan Eats- Bamboo Garden

Seattle is a great place for vegetarian and vegan eats- one of our favorites is Bamboo Garden in the Queen Anne neighborhood of north Seattle.

I first discovered this place shortly after moving here (2002) from NY. I was working at a place nearby and the manager was vegetarian- so we went there for lunch. She did not tell our co-worker that everything was vegetarian and he had no idea. When we told him that it was indeed veg, he didn’t believe us!

I was amazed- even overwhelmed- at the menu! It’s multiple pages of meals which have “chicken”, “beef”, “salmon” in the name, but NONE of it is real…and they even have a “secret” vegan menu that you can ask for- which is just as impressive!

We make excuses to go here- and order enough to last us for a week. The servers look at us a bit strangely, come to think of it…and anyone we know that is veg or vegan, (especially those new to the lifestyle), this is the first place we recommend.

We have never had anything we didn’t like- although it is hard not to stick with your favs! With a menu as varied as theirs, however, we recommend taking advantage of the vast selection and making it a game to order at least one new dish each time you go.

We can’t even make a recommendation about where to start- but we you won’t be disappointed.

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