More about Bryan…

I am an artist and graduate of Seattle Art Institute (which sadly, is no more).

I currently work as a 3D-environmental artist with a video game company. I create the worlds that characters walk around in- primarily, landscapes and buildings. I use 3D Studio Max and other programs that allow me to essentially create 3d frameworks that represent rocks, mountains, and buildings- then apply textures (much like draping paper mache over the frames) to create the images you see. This is not programming, nor do I do characters nor animation- the computer science/ engineering side of game design is not my forte.

Besides my “day job”, I used to moonlight as a tattoo artist, but now work less frequently- and only on tats I really want to do! I have worked on my own arm and hand- as well as have done sleeves and back pieces for friends and family.

However, as tattooing is not my full-time job per se, I don’t have a lot of my work on my website anymore, because I don’t keep up on it as much. I do have some nice pieces though I should add…

…in my spare time!

I really enjoy doing DIY construction work- jme and I do almost all our own renovations. Normally we can’t work together on construction projects as we think very differently about how to solve a problem- which tends to leave us each frustrated with the other (and this is the only time we really argue)- but for some reason, we can tile together without arguing! jme cuts and fits the tiles, I “tile dance” on them to level them perfectly, and we both do the grout. jme says if all else fails at least we could have a tiling company together without killing each other.

To jme’s surprise and dismay, I also enjoy “wrestling” with the yard- nearly 2 acres of grass on uneven ground, with blackberries encroaching everywhere. I spend most of the summer trying to beat the wilderness into submission while jme looks down from the hammock on the patio..

Anyway, we are both hard workers and always have some kind of project going. Otherwise, we’re traveling or at home with our animals- and that’s it. We live pretty simply and we’re happy like that.